The Best Blackout Curtains, According To Home Editors (2024)

Blackout curtains block out light for more restorative rest, and can help keep your bedroom cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. We spoke with home design experts and researched dozens of options to find the best blackout curtains of 2024. Read on for our favorites, which come in a wide selection of colors, sizes and prices.

Best Overall Blackout Curtains

Stylish And Functional With Complete Blackout Coverage

Sun Zero Nordic Theater Grade Blackout Grommet Curtain

Hanging type: Grommet | Material: Polyester | Key features: Full blackout coverage, wide range of colors and sizes, machine washable

If your goal is to make your room as dark as possible, our top choice is these affordable theater-grade panels. Sun Zero’s blackout curtains have a tightly woven liner that blocks 100% of sunlight, reduces outside noise by up to 45% and boosts your home’s energy efficiency by up to 50%, according to the brand. The grommet top makes for easy opening and closing. The panels, which are sold in pairs or individually, are available in multiple sizes and a broad range of colors. They’re also machine washable, though you’ll likely need to use an iron or steamer to smooth away any wrinkles after cleaning. They are also a good value—one pair of panels costs under $40 at Amazon.

What reviews say: With over 12,000 reviews and an overall rating of 4.7 stars, these are highly rated blackout curtains. Customers report that they’re well constructed and work as promised. “They truly made our room pitch black,” says one. Another five-star review says that it already feels “cooler in my house, so the price was worth it. It’ll pay for itself once I get the next electric bill.”

Best Affordable Blackout Curtains

Highly Rated And Easy On The Wallet

Amazon Basics Room Darkening Blackout Window Curtain

Hanging type: Grommet, back loop, rod pocket | Material: Polyester | Key features: Choice of style, color and size, machine washable

These blackout curtains from Amazon Basics suitable for folks on a budget, plus they block sunlight and UV rays, reduce outside noise and improve energy efficiency. They come in an array of colors and sizes with three different options for hanging. The curtains meet Oeko-Tex Standard 100, meaning they’re certified for meeting high environmental standards. Triple-weave polyester is durable and machine washable, making these curtains an all-around great buy.

What reviews say: With an average rating of 4.5 out of five stars from over 43,000 reviews for these curtains, and customers are overwhelmingly enthusiastic about their performance and value. One, who notes that she’s purchased higher-end blackout curtains before, writes, “What I did not expect is how superior these would be at blocking the sun. They’re also Standard 100 Oeko-Tex, so it was a win-win.” Another reviewer says: “I finally found blackout curtains that don't look like blackouts; they look better. They're softer than typical blackouts that have that shower curtain feeling; these are soft. And they smelled of clean laundry, not like chemicals or that rubbery-plastic-like smell.”

Best Linen Blackout Curtains

A Stylish Panel That Delivers On Coverage

Quince European Linen Blackout Curtain

Hanging type: Back tab or rod pocket | Material: European linen and polyester blackout liner | Key features: 10 colors and three panel lengths, free shipping and returns

These stylish blackout curtains are made from European flax and have a polyester blackout liner for a stylish blend of textured good looks and premium light blocking benefits. Quince has linen blackout curtains in seven colors, with a choice of three panel lengths. The panels can be hung in two different ways, so you can decide whether to use the fabric tabs on the back or the rod pocket. Quince’s dry-clean only blackout curtains are also a great value for linen. They’re sold separately, with a single 84-inch panel costing about $90.

What reviews say: Reviews praise the curtains for incredible quality. One happy customer calls them “Amazing curtains. Totally black out. Super heavy and luxurious feel and look. They are the perfect natural white. I have looked everywhere for this exact curtain and you really cannot beat the price.” Another writes, “​​I have really tall windows and high ceilings, so I wanted to make sure I absolutely loved the one before going all in on the rest of my windows, but I am so excited to get them all dressed now with Quince curtains. They’re so sturdy and well crafted. I’m very happy.”

Best Velvet Blackout Curtains

Soft And Thick With A Lustrous Sheen

Quince Luster Velvet Blackout Curtain

Hanging type: Back tab or rod pocket | Material: Cotton, polyester | Key features: Choice of colors and panel length, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified, free shipping and returns

Quince made our list again with its take on luxurious velvet curtains. A blend of viscose and cotton give these curtains a subtle sheen and a weightiness that speaks to its quality. The polyester blackout liner blocks light to darken your space, while a two-in-one construction gives you a choice of hanging styles. Use the pole top for a gathered aesthetic or the back tabs for a structured, pleated effect. Choose from four colors and three sizes, and get free shipping and returns. Just be prepared to dry clean this option.

What reviews say: Customers saythese velvet curtains are an excellent alternative to pricier picks from brands like West Elm and Pottery Barn, and they have an impressive rating of 4.9 out of five stars. “The material is gorgeous and functions well to block sunlight from coming into my room in the morning,” writes one reviewer. Another says, “They are such incredible quality (everything from Quince is 10/10) and the way the velvet lays gives a custom, high-end look at an affordable price.”

Best Thermal Blackout Curtains

A Noise-Reducing Design With Thermal Insulation

Wayfair Basics Solid Blackout Thermal Curtain Panel

Hanging type: Rod pocket | Material: Polyester | Key features: Wide range of colors, maximum coverage, noise reducing design, thermal insulation

Wayfair’s solid blackout curtains are lined with an insulated, textured foam that not only provides maximum blackout coverage, but also helps muffle outside noise and boosts thermal insulation. There are 12 colors and three panel sizes options, with a rod pocket top that creates a pleated effect.

We like that these Wayfair curtains are machine washable for easy care, although you may need to iron or steam them to get initial wrinkles out after taking them out of the package. Another thing to keep in mind is that each panel is sold separately, so you’ll need to purchase two for a set. Fortunately, they’re well priced. At time of writing, these blackout curtains are on sale for 62% off and priced at $13 apiece.

What reviews say: Over 2,000 reviewers have good things to say about these blackout curtains. “Just need to steam these babies, but they’re perfect,” writes one. Another says, “I love the soft tone that still gives blackout at night. Adds a certain luxury to the room.” A third customer says: “These curtains are in our bedroom. I needed something that was blackout without the blackout look and at a great price point. This checked both boxes. Love them.”

Best Noise-Reducing Blackout Curtains

Dense Fibers Block Light And Filter Sound


Pottery Barn Peace & Quiet Noise-Reducing Blackout Curtain

Hanging type: Rod pocket, back taps, ring top | Material: Polyester | Key features: Choice of colors and sizes, crafted in a Fair Trade Certified factory, machine washable

Pottery Barn makes its Peace & Quiet blackout curtains with dense polyester fibers that are tightly woven to block light while still offering a lightweight appearance. The blackout liner, which is also constructed with polyester, blocks light, dampens noise and insulates for improved temperature regulation year-round. The curtains are available in five colors and three lengths, and Pottery Barn manufactures them in a Fair Trade Certified factory. You have multiple options for hanging with a three-in-one construction and included curtain clips, or you can purchase round curtain rings separately. Plus, the curtains can be machine washed and tumbled dry.

What experts say: Pottery Barn doesn’t publish customer reviews on its website, but Isfira Jensen, CEO and principal designer at Nufacet Interiors, recommends the store for its range of options. “Pottery Barn has a number of excellent selections,” she says.

Best Customizable Blackout Curtains

Entirely Customized From Top To Bottom

Everhem Blackout Curtains

Hanging type: Customizable | Material: Customizable | Key features: Customizable configuration, fabric and lining, free swatches

Scheck calls Everhem a go-to for custom window treatments. The company makes customizing your blackout curtains incredibly user friendly, with a robust library of tutorials that walks you through the entire process from measurement to installation. Choose the configuration, fabric, color, pleat and liner, and get a digital preview of your creation as you build it. Add your measurements (a step that comes with clear, concise directions) and your custom blackout curtains are ready to order. You also have the option of booking a video consultation with one of Everhem’s design experts to walk you through the process. You can order fabric swatches for just the cost of shipping.

What reviews say: One customer writes, “The drapery and hardware quality is amazing. I ordered the linen blend drapes with black-out lining and am thrilled with how they turned out. They are the perfect finishing touch on the room and make everything look more polished and put-together.” Another review says: “I've ordered window treatments from many other companies, both online and in person, and no one makes it as pleasant and stress-free as Everhem.”

Best Blackout Curtains For Kids

Functional And Fun With A Range Of Kid-Friendly Designs

Teepee Joy Rainbow Kids And Nursery Blackout Curtains

Hanging type: Back tab or hidden clips | Material: Cotton | Key features: Large selection of patterns, hang type and coverage, free swatches and custom dimensions available

Blackout curtains are a must-have for babies and kids who take naps. Teepee Joy makes its curtains with midweight cotton and offers a choice of blackout or privacy linings, so you can decide how much light you want blocked throughout the day. The curtains come in a wide selection of kid-friendly designs to complement bedroom and nursery themes, including cute animals, hearts, pirates, celestial bodies, and abstract patterns in bright colors. In addition to eight standard sizes, custom sizes are also available, with two options for hanging. On the downside, these curtains are dry clean only.

What reviews say: Customers appreciate the quality and wide selections of patterns from Teepee Joy, which has an average of five out of five stars on both its own site and Etsy. “I was unsure as to whether or not these were worth the price but they are,” says one reviewer. “They are good quality and very sturdy, the blackout curtains worked perfectly in my sons nursery and I didn’t have to sacrifice design.”


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How We Chose The Best Blackout Curtains

To compile our list of the best blackout curtains, we asked experts for their recommendations, then researched the market for highly-rated products. All of the blackout curtains on this list get high praise from either designers or customers, and we did a deep dive into reviews to get a sense of what people liked—and what they didn’t. We also made sure to include options for different style and material preferences, prices and sizes.

Why Trust Forbes Vetted

The Forbes Vetted team has researched and written dozens of sleep stories, and we leaned into that background to assemble this list. I’ve personally been reporting on sleep for well over a decade, and I also chatted with several interior designers to get expert insight into the world of blackout curtains.

For this article, I interviewed Audrey Scheck, the founder and CEO of Audrey Scheck Design, Isfira Jensen, CEO and principal designer at Nufacet Interiors, and Zara Khan, interior designer and founder of Zara Khan Interior Design.

What To Consider When Shopping For Blackout Curtains

Being clear about the type of light blocking you need can help you zero in on the right options. Depending on the thickness of the liner, blackout curtains may not offer complete coverage. “The lining on the back is what makes it blackout, not the fabric you see when you’re in the room,” explains interior designer Zara Khan. Here’s what else to keep in mind as you shop.

Hanging Style

Because the goal is blocking light, the best style for blackout curtains is generally a rod pocket or back tabs. Tab top (also known as “cubicle”) or hanging rings may allow more light into the room at the top of the curtain, unless the curtain rod is mounted well above the window and is not parallel to the top of the window pane.

  • Rod pocket curtains, also known as pole top and casem*nt, have a pocket sewn into the back of the curtain at the top. The rod slips right into this pocket for easy hanging, with a tightly pleated look from the front.
  • Grommet curtains, sometimes called eyelet curtains, have rings that are punched into the top of the fabric. The pole slips through these rings, which give structure to the top of the curtains and make it easy to open and close them. Grommet curtains tend to create thicker pleats. If the curtain rod is not mounted above the window, some light may show through the grommets.
  • Back tab curtains, also known as hidden tab curtains, have loops sewn into the back of the top of the curtain. The rod slips into these for a clean, tailored look and this style works well for blocking light.


Polyester is a popular material for blackout curtains, primarily because it’s durable, inexpensive and easy to clean. But be clear on your overall goal. Designer Audrey Scheck says that polyester does have a substantial blackout effect, but notes that her team prefers natural materials like cotton or linen. “It will help keep the overall feel of the space light and airy when they’re not in use,” she says.

In many cases, these natural materials are used with a polyester liner to block light. The key is focusing on the quality of the liner. Khan says that’s what ultimately creates the blackout coverage. She advises holding the curtain up against the light to see exactly how much light it blocks.

Keep in mind that how you clean blackout curtains depends on what you buy. Some can be machine washed, but others may need to be dry cleaned to protect the material. Before making a purchase, make a point of checking the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions so that you’re clear on care and maintenance requirements.


Blackout curtains aren’t just utilitarian, they can also add to the look and design of the room. Fortunately, curtains with light-blocking liners are available in many different fabric, color and styles, so consider what would work best with your décor.

Other Functions

In addition to darkening a room, curtains can also serve to block sound from outside and help regulate the temperature of a room. Some blackout curtains are designed to provide more sound or heat absorption, so keep this in mind if one of these functions is also important to you. Velvet curtains are particularly good for absorbing sound, and heavy curtains and thicker curtains provide more insulation for reducing heat transfer.

What Color Is Best For Blackout Curtains?

“The best color for blackout shades is typically black or very dark shades of gray,” says Jensen. That’s because dark colors absorb light more efficiently, preventing it from creeping into a room. But she makes an important point: efficacy is largely dependent on the thickness and quality of the fabric used in a particular blackout curtain. “A tightly woven, dark, thick fabric lined with a light-blocking layer will be the most effective at blocking light,” she says.

Do Blackout Curtains Block Heat?

One of the perks of blackout curtains is their thermal-insulating properties. Because they do a great job of blocking sunlight, they help reduce heat transfer into the room during the summer. They also help keep heat inside during the winter. This is a great solution for bedrooms since you want to both minimize the amount of light and get an ideal temperature for sleeping says Khan.

Curtains with insulating properties can even help you save on your energy bills, because you may not need to crank up the AC or heat as much at night.

What Is The Difference Between Dim Out, Room Darkening And Blackout Curtains?

The thickness of the liner determines the amount of light coming through, which is what differentiates different types of light-blocking curtains. “Blackout is the thickest and makes the room the darkest,” says Khan. Blackout curtains typically have the thickest and most tightly woven liners.

Dim-out curtains are designed to reduce the amount of light entering a room without blocking it completely. “They soften the light, creating a dim effect rather than providing complete darkness,” says Jensen.

Room-darkening curtains fall somewhere in the middle. “Their light block effectiveness lies anywhere between 95-99%, ideal for TV rooms where complete darkness isn’t a necessity,” she says.

The Best Blackout Curtains, According To Home Editors (2024)


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