Top 10 Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers in the World (2024) - Leading LED Flood Light Manufacturer and Supplier, Led Ceiling Downlights, Germicidal UV Light (2024)

From China to the USA, these companies are renowned for their innovation, quality, and reliability. Explore a diverse range of products, from LED luminaires to smart controls, designed to illuminate and enhance outdoor spaces around the world.

Outdoor lighting plays a crucial role in illuminating and enhancing our exterior spaces. From commercial outdoor lightingthat brightens shopping centers to residential outdoor lightingthat creates cozy backyard ambiances, exterior fixtures allow us to extend our living and working areas into the darkness.

As technology improves and energy efficiency becomes more critical, the outdoor lighting industry continues to evolve. Let’s explore the 10 best exterior lighting brands in 2024.

1. RRRlighting (China)

Based in Zhejiang, China, RRRlightingmanufactures a wide variety of outdoor LED luminaires. Their offerings include area LED lights, flood lights, high bay lights, security lights, and solar lightsfor commercial, industrial, and public spaces.

Founded in 1992, RRRlighting has grown rapidly by providing high quality products at affordable prices. As Chinese manufacturing expands globally, companies like RRRlighting compete through advanced technology and competitive pricing. Their expansive production capacity also allows customized solutions.

2. Acuity Brands (USA)

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Acuity Brandshas distinguished itself as one of the world’s foremost producers of luminaires, lighting controls, and technology solutions. With over 20 years of experience, Acuity owns and operates over 100 production facilities and 20 distribution centers worldwide. The company’s extensive range of LED and smart lighting productsenables endless customization for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Acuity’s cutting-edge outdoor lighting brandsinclude Halo, Juno, Lithonia, Indy, and so on, known for their durability and visually stunning designs. Architects, builders, and homeowners trust these labels to enhance everything from modern urban areas to quaint suburban neighborhoods.

3. GE Current (USA)

Spun off from the General Electric conglomerate in 2024, GE Currentoversees an extensive exterior lighting portfolio. As one of the most reputable American lighting brands, Current manufactures LED fixturesdesigned to save energy and minimize light pollution.

Their sleek, contemporary outdoor lighting designsemploy advanced technology to provide security, safety, and beauty for residential, commercial, and municipal spaces. Current’s product line also features stylish solar fixtures and smart controls for added convenience and energy efficiency.

4. Eaton (Ireland)

Though headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Eaton has locations worldwide and customers in over 175 countries. As a power management company, Eaton acquired several major outdoor lighting manufacturers including Cooper and Ephesus Lighting.

Today, Eaton offers LED and smart controls through its Cooper and Lumiance brands. Their exterior lightingsolutions enhance everything from covered walkways to massive stadiums with quality materials and optimal illumination. Eaton leverages the latest innovations to meet sustainability goals and transform spaces with light.

5. Cree LED (USA)

Founded in 1987 and based in North Carolina, Creefocuses exclusively on LED lighting technology. As true pioneers in the LED space, Cree develops cutting-edge semiconductor products enabling vivid, energy-efficient lighting.

Cree offers a wide range of LED fixturesto illuminate commercial and community spaces. Their outdoor lightingoptions include area, canopy, flood, street and roadway luminaires renowned for their durability, performance and optics. Cree prides itself on technological breakthroughs that expand LED applications and drive the industry forward.

6. Osram (Germany)

Osram’s roots stretch back to 1919, when it was founded as a traditional lamp manufacturer. Today, Osram has transformed into a global high-tech lighting corporation. Though headquartered in Munich, Germany, Osram sells its products in over 150 countries.

Osram’s exterior lightingmanufacturers, including LED Engin, ams Osram, and Claypaky, offer advanced solutions for architectural, outdoor, and retail spaces. By integrating lighting with technology and software, Osram creates customizable smart systems to meet each project’s unique needs.

7. Nichia (Japan)

Unlike other entries on this list, Nichia Corporationfocuses more on materials innovation than finished products. Headquartered in Japan, Nichia pioneered the first high-brightness blue and white LEDs in 1993. Their phosphor and packaging technologies enabled the bright, energy-efficient LEDs lighting the world today.

Though not a household name, Nichia’s advancements power many recognized lighting brands. Their LEDs illuminate exterior spaces worldwide, from Tokyo’s Rainbow Bridge to San Francisco’s Bay Bridge. Nichia also offers some commercial grade LED fixturesdirectly.

8. Signify (Netherlands)

Formerly known as Philips Lighting, Signify originated in 1891 as a division of the Dutch corporation Philips. After becoming an independent company in 2016, Signify has risen to become one of the biggest lighting manufacturersglobally.

Signify provides a wide scope of innovative outdoor luminairesand smart controls. Their exterior lighting products grace landmarks worldwide, including London’s Tower Bridge and Singapore’s Helix Bridge. With a focus on sustainability, Signify aims to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.

9. Zumtobel Group (Austria)

This Austrian lighting company was founded in 1950 and now has production sites and sales offices throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.

Zumtobel offers premium indoor and outdoor luminaires, including brands Thorn and ACDC. Their exterior lightingproducts feature elegant designs using the most innovative LED technology and optics. Lighting projects from Zumtobel Group create beautiful, sustainable illuminated landscapes around the world.

10. Iwasaki Electric (Japan)

Rounding out our list, Iwasaki Electric is a Japanese manufacturer producing high quality lighting since 1918. Though their products focus more on indoor and industrial settings, Iwasaki offers LED floodlights, street lights, and area lights for exterior applications.

Known for advanced optics and low-glare designs, Iwasaki integrates leading technology into aesthetically pleasing luminaires. Their experience, expertise, and care for lighting quality makes them a trusted choice for outdoor illumination.


Outdoor lighting illuminates and transforms our spaces, adding beauty, safety and functionality after dark. The industry keeps getting brighter, thanks to leading manufacturers pushing innovations in sustainability, performance and smart tech. Their ingenuity lights up the night in exciting new ways.

RRRlightingstands at the forefront, pioneering exterior lighting solutions that elevate and inspire. Their products showcase technical brilliance – illuminating with optimal efficiency, flexibility and control. Yet form matches function, with elegant designs that integrate seamlessly into their surroundings.

Top 10 Outdoor Lighting Manufacturers in the World (2024) - Leading LED Flood Light Manufacturer and Supplier, Led Ceiling Downlights, Germicidal UV Light (2024)


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